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Come join Pachube

We are hiring and will continue to do so over the next few months.

As you may or may not know, we were recently acquired by LogMeIn. What this means is that we can finally achieve the targets we’ve been striving to reach.

The only thing holding us back right now is the size of the team (we are 4 engineers).

What have we been working on?

Pachube is basically an API designed to facilitate the connection of every internet enabled device past, present and future.

Whether you want to store sensor readings, allow two remote devices to communicate/control each other, aggregate stats from small/large-scale research projects, check if you left the oven on, control traffic light timings based on traffic flow, see the impact of natural phenomena in realtime, study livestock, monitor and control your home, Pachube is the platform that allows all of it to happen.

However, to fully realise that on a global scale there is a ton of work to be done.

You can’t argue that this terribly named world “The Internet of Things” is going to be very real very soon. I can guarantee that Pachube are at the forefront and there are few, if any, London based startups that are as exciting and potentially epic as ours is.

How can you help?

We have massive amounts of work to do on the API but we also need to put a tremendous amount of effort onto our web front. We need to create a compelling experience for developers, manufacturers and most importantly anyone else familiar with a browser. We need new ideas and to implement existing ideas in order to shape the IoT at this crucial time in the industry.

Basically we need to scale the fuck up and reach the fuck out.

If you are interested, think you can help, want to disrupt the future of the internet and are primarily a nice person, we want to hear from you.

Here are a handful of our challenges interspersed with buzzwords:

  • Storing massive amounts of time-series data
  • Analysing massive amounts of time-series data
  • Handling many many thousands of writes and reads every second
  • Making Pachube powered hardware
  • Designing social network sites and features
  • UX
  • Client side programming
  • Functional programming
  • Developing highly scalable socket / websocket servers (EventMachine / Node.js / Aleph)
  • SQL (PostgreSQL)
  • NoSQL (HBase / Cassandra / not-MongoDB)
  • Continuous integration / automated deployment
  • Coding Ruby
  • Writing Pachube libraries in JavaScript
  • Writing Pachube libraries in all languages
  • Building interactive documentation for software developers and hardware makers
  • Writing mobile applications for iPhone and Android
  • Writing standards for the IoT
  • Communicating/educating on the potential of an IoT
  • Defining the IoT

We want front-end developers, software developers and the devops master now.

Questions? Interested?

Email me or find me on Twitter!

Proof that we are actually hiring

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